Rerum Novarum
This encyclical on “Capital and Labor” is universally acclaimed as a masterpiece.

* Encyclical with footnotes:
* Encyclical schematic:

Mens Nostra
This encyclical may be found at .

A simple reading of the encyclical is not sufficient. It must be *studied*. Find a quiet place, where you can apply yourself for a certain length of time. The encyclical is short; it should only take about one hour to read the encyclical and make a summary of each of its paragraphs.

Arcanum Divinae
This encyclical by Pope Leo XIII may be found at

First, read and study the encyclical. The summary at is a useful study aid.

Acerbo Nimis
The first encyclical for the “Encyclical of the Month” program is Acerbo Nimis, On Religious Instruction, by Pope St. Pius X (see ).

First, read the encyclical. The more thorough the reading, the better. Underlining, summarization of paragraphs, and drawing diagrams are all encouraged in order to help the reader grasp the content of the text. Also, see for a diagrammatic summary of the encyclical.