Mission Statement & Overview

The St. Joseph Businessmen’s Association Mission Statement:
The St. Joseph’s BusinessMen’s Association is a lay organization of Roman Catholic businessmen who want to infuse their professional life with the Catholic faith and are guided by the social principles taught by the Magisterium of the Church. We place ourselves under the spiritual guidance of the priests of the Society of St. Pius X, following the spirit of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, defender of Catholic Tradition.

St. Joseph Businessmen’s Association (SJBMA) Overview
The goal of St. Joseph’s Businessmen’s Association is to promote the economic development amongst Traditional Catholics by putting Catholic social economic principles into practice. To further this overall goal, there are several specific objectives that the SJBMA is focusing on:
1. Providing training to business owners and non-business owners alike concerning the traditional teachings of the Church regarding the rights and responsibilities of Catholic business owners.
2. Providing sound business advice and training to non-businessmen and the youth of the parish through educational apprenticeships, financial counseling, sharing of entrepreneurial experiences, etc.
3. Promoting business opportunities for Traditional Catholics in and around St. Mary’s through networking, encouraging new business development, etc.
4. Promoting the concept of noblesse oblige as it pertains to the Catholic businessman.
5. Encouraging business owners to be an important part of their parish at large, participating in the development of their Catholic community as a place to live, do business, and raise a family.

Membership is open to all male SSPX parishioners over the age of 18. Monthly meetings are held to handle the general business of the association, to discuss and explore new opportunities, educate the members on the social and economic principles of the Catholic Church, and to update members on the Association’s committee activities.