A filial tribute to our beloved father!

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Bishop Fellay introduces the new website launched today dedicated to Archbishop Lefebvre.

Today is the anniversary of the birth of Marcel Lefebvre. Visit the SSPX’s new site marcellefebvre.info and pass it on to others!

November 29, 1905 to November 29, 2015

On this 110th anniversary of the birth of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, we are happy to announce the launch of a website dedicated to the memory of our revered founder.

This site is accessible as of today. First and foremost, it is a filial tribute to our beloved father at a time when many, even in the Society of St. Pius X, never personally knew the archbishop.

This site includes a presentation in four languages of the places and major events that marked the course of his life. It contains photos, videos, and recordings that help us get to know him. Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, his biographer, has provided some texts that will allow people to see the depths of the soul of this apostle, missionary, and servant of the Church.

But this site is also intended as an apostolate. At a time when many are beginning to discover the Mass and Tradition, it is important that Archbishop Lefebvre be more than just a name. Visiting the site will not replace reading his biography or his works; it should rather lead to their discovery.

May marcellefebvre.info touch your hearts and foster therein a love for Our Lord Jesus Christ by the example of a man who, without doubt, will one day be declared a saint to imitate and invoke.

My sincere congratulations and gratitude to everyone whose patient work has brought this wonderful project to fruition.

November 29, 2015
+ Bernard Fellay